Teen pics with cums on her stomach, pubis or vagina

One of the most exciting moments in sex between teenagers when the guy cums. But if they don’t use condoms, often the guy has to finish outside of her vagina. To do this, he takes the penis off for a few moments before ejaculation and cums right on her stomach, pubis or even vagina.

But you should know that ejaculate right over her vagina and clit can be a bit lightly if you do not want your girlfriend got pregnant. So it’s better to use her face or mouth if you’re not sure! 😀

So I think you’ve got the main topic of today’s article, so here we go! 🙂
1. Cum on stomach:

Cool? huh… 😀 ok, going down now:
2. Cum on pubis:

And the final lap, if you’re really risky guy 😉
3. Cum on vagina:

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